"From the beginning I have loved our Suzuki experience. Our toddler classes with Helen were precious times. I loved the whole experience including snack time where gentle lessons in patience, gratitude, math and famous composers were introduced. We began this journey because I was looking for a wholesome activity and I found that children are drawn to music. I did not plan for them to necessarily become musicians; I only wanted them to have music in their lives. Helen's class was perfect. She spoke to the children with respect; she encouraged them and helped them see value in what they accomplished. I was surprised when she informed me that Eric was ready to leave the Toddler class and begin piano lessons. I trusted her knowledge. And so we made it to the piano. We began studying with Mr. Paul. In the seven years we have been at the school, I have seen Eric and Megan flourish and it has been a joy. Sometimes I would see a mountain in front of me, how will their little fingers manage this Piece, but I had to push aside my doubts and follow the small step assignments given by Mr. Paul each week, and now our home is filled with music and the kids were nurturing their skill.I am grateful for the individuals who are The Suzuki Talent Education School. Helen, Andy, Paul and Trish have helped us make music a meaningful part of our lives. I believe my children are benefiting beyond just being able to play an instrument. It is satisfying to see their positive growth each week and even better, our home is filled with music." Cathleen Guldan from Middlebury, CT

"The Suzuki Music School has reinforced in our children the value of respect, determination, patience, confidence, self-control, perseverance, and taking pride in their work".When we were first considering lessons for our oldest son, over a decade ago, I thought I might "see" if he wanted to start an instrument. I soon realized what a great opportunity and gift we were giving to him.Each of our 3 boys began Suzuki training as a 4-year-old, beginning on the xylophone and then moving to the piano. They receive training and instruction from talented, dedicated and caring teachers who bring out the best in our boys, not only as musicians but also as citizens contributing to a greater good. Suzuki Talent Education School has reinforced in our children the value of respect, determination, patience, confidence, self-control, perseverance, and taking pride in their work. They will carry these traits with them, in music and beyond, throughout their lives. And it is simply amazing to witness the transformation over the years from beginners to accomplished musicians.And my boys are not the only ones to benefit. The skills I have developed, musically and otherwise, from working closely with my boys during their Suzuki training have made me a better mom.Our children have been enrolled at the Suzuki Talent Education School for over ten years, and it is one of the best parenting decisions we ever made." Linda and Michael Schneider from Roxbury, CT

"The Suzuki Music School is a place of mentorship and warmth while offering a high quality, experienced musical training. As a mother of 3 Suzuki trained musicians at the Suzuki Talent School I can attest for the well rounded support and education Andy, Paul, Helen & Trish offer to children of all ages. Their approach goes far beyond musical training as does the Suzuki philosophy. Their priority is to foster the child’s character, awareness and self- discipline in a nurturing environment so that he or she can build musical intelligence and skill. The Suzuki Talent Education School has been an integral part of our children’s growth and development!" Kathy Katts from Southbury, CT

"We enrolled our daughter Lindsey at the age of 2 ½ at The Suzuki Talent Education School in the pre-Suzuki program. As a student of music, she benefited from many aspects of the program, including social skills, discipline, organization and a general ability to learn. Her interest in music and learning blossomed and today at the age of 23, she is auditioning for a Master's Degree in Violin performance. Our son Austin was in the Suzuki school from the age of 3 through high school. As a piano student and performer he gained from the experience and today as a junior at University of Hartford, he continues to enjoy playing the piano whenever time allows. We are most grateful to the excellent staff at the school."

Duane and Linda Jones from Newtown, CT

"I first visited the Suzuki Music School in Sandy Hook in 1998. I had heard of the Suzuki method decades earlier when as a teen I had seen a 60 Minutes episode; Dr. Suzuki led a group of Japanese pre-schoolers playing little tiny violins. It made an indelible impression on me. After my visit, my husband and I agreed that we wanted music to be part of our children's education. My children and I began our music studies in 1998. I say they and I began our music education because the Suzuki method taught me as many things as it taught them. It helped me become an effective parent and home-educator. It taught me to be patient, positive, diligent, and to always ask for excellence.Learning a discipline to a high degree, like music, writing, mathematics, or even a sport, takes dedication and effort over a long period of time. Such long endeavors and perseverance instill character. College admissions officers commented not only on the amazing skills and academic achievements of my child, but also his character. My son was awarded a full academic scholarship plus room and board to his number one choice of universities. The award letter mentioned the leadership characteristics he possessed. My husband and I are acutely aware of the role music education played in forming his character. We feel that the investment of effort, time, and money through the Suzuki method is the best investment we could have made to secure our children's futures." Diane Speed from Bethel, CT

"I was not a musical kid. Despite this fact, my parents enrolled me in music studies at the Suzuki Music School. I studied music my entire education: beginning as a pre-schooler, I learned about rhythm, pitch, and tempo. Continuing though high school, I completed the Suzuki repertoire in classical guitar and progressed to fine-tuning the technique and expression necessary to perform concert-level pieces. Although I was not naturally musical, under the guidance of my teachers I learned that, if I worked long enough and hard enough, I could achieve the tone I wanted, learn the pieces I wanted, and play with the technique I wanted.I believe that learning music through the Suzuki method has shaped my character. By practicing every day, it has taught me a good work ethic—how to stick with something until I’ve mastered it. Equally important, the Suzuki method has taught me about respect: as a toddler, I was taught to bow before and after lessons, to sit quietly in “rest” position when I was not playing, and to listen when my teachers and fellow students played.I now realize just how important the Suzuki method has been to me as a person: I am able to take the character lessons and apply them to my everyday life, my everyday values. I am a better person because of my music education at the Suzuki Music School and the lessons learned there remain an essential part of me." Former Student, Tristan Speed

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